Tboli - English


betê sowunA variety of brownish red ants whose bite leaves a stinger and is very itchy.Appendix 13-04 Ants
betikvarhebetikmebetikadjFast, quick.Tey betik.He's very fast.ge-, he-, ke-, me-.antganag 1synkadas 2lekahing 1sikót 1cfhlóng 1kdel 1klel 1skéw 1slò 1slóng 1tlagad 1tlana 1tanatlasik 1
betikownA round-braided abaca strap used as a belt or for string attached to a bolo scabbard.vTo make this strap.-m-, -n-.cftligad 1
betokadjCrispy, brittle and breakable.Ne tey hlò yem gel kesla le du anì betok ke ndek le.And they overcook it (corn, coffee, bony fish) when frying so that it is breakable when they pound it.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.betok nawaidiomA person who readily helps.Tey betok nawahen bè kem dumun tau tu.That person readily helps others.betok tdokidiomHot tempered, quick to punch or pound someone.
betulù1nA kind of small round fish.Appendix 25-01 Kinds of fish2nAnything shaped into the form of a ball.betulù klutA ball of klut (a wild root plant).vTo shape into a ball-like shape, especially cooked rice.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
betwolnSwollen lymph gland, usually in the groin.vTo have a swollen lymph gland.-n-.cflebotù 1ukuk 1
betyànA stone found inside a pig, fish, bamboo and regarded as a charm. It is said to give protection from arrows and other danger. It causes the owner to prosper in business.synbagang 1cfbulung 1
bewnBubalus bubalis.Domestic water buffalo. Shortened form of klembew 'carabao'.cfklembew 1Appendix 27-01 Domestic animals
bewéngnPycnonotus urostictus.Wattled bulbul.Appendix 10 Birds
beyintrogWhat.Bey nahem mógów tek sotu igoem temngón du tey snilam etu?What made you go alone when you know that it's very dangerous there?cfboluy 1botedu 1
beyanBushel basket made of rattan, used for carrying root crops.Appendix 24 Baskets
beyenvarhbeyenkbeyenvTo entertain, make comfortable and content.Beyenu du mambang.I entertained him with bread (so he wouldn't cry).g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.adjContented, satisfied.Sok le madal yó kem munung gunù, ne ke laen dù bè yó kem tau mulu madal ke olo le beyen temngel, yó mon le, ê là gnê le yó kem tau mulu.If the hosts (at a wedding) dance and if the wedding guests are just contented to watch and don't dance, they are said to be intimidated.Beyen kun matul.He's contented just to plan (talking unnecessarily).
beyungnA long-handled axe, for cutting, chopping wood.cfasay 1hotuk 1Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements
varBé lem bnesnGrandmother; grandchild; term of address between grandmothers and grandchildren.cftémê 1Appendix 03 Terms of address
1negDon't; no.Déy, hol knoduhem o, em tô tudà o lem linu.Oh no, have pity on me, don't throw me in the pool.synbóg 12vTo dislike, to refuse, motivated by simple disliking.Kesok tuha, baluen ke kem ngà, tódô nmò le kul.When it's the parents, even if the children refuse/dislike, they just make (the transaction) anyway.varkbê3vTo be finished or at the end of something, as with classes at the end of the day.Deng ye ne kô bè gunù mnagì?Are you finished now at school?Bê, bê, bê, tey hulung mudél ngà ni!My, my, my, this child really talks eloquently!syndeng 1
Bé lem bnesfromnA spirit believed to live in the grass (lit. grandmother in the grass).A spirit believed to be able to take on the form of any person and lead you anywhere she wants to go. She is a spirit who always carries a basket with bones in it.Appendix 02-01 Spirit beings known as individuals
bébékvTo chip a knife.h-, -m-, -n-.Béem bnébék bè tutuk badungu.Don't chip my bolo on a nail.adj(Of knife) chipped blade.Gotu bébék bak badungu lan mà dì tmibó bè tutuk.My bolo is all chipped because uncle struck it on a nail.synkanga 1kbéng 1
bébélnSore at the corner of the mouth.vTo have sores at the corner of the mouth.-en-.
béhéadjDistorted, slightly askew.Moen ni ke deng gotu béhé baken suku?Why is the blade of my bolo all askew?g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfbéhéng 1bihong 1blosok 1kéngél 1sigol 1tlabés 1
béhéngvTo tilt, slant, slope, lean; for one side to be higher than the other.Deng béhéng yem gunù bolok leged.That house upstream is leaning.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Deng bnéhéng Tmafid sumungen.Tmafid (a spirit) made his mouth slant (Tmafid punished him with a stroke).adjLeaning, tilted.cfbéhé 1bihong 1blosok 1kéngél 1sigol 1tlabés 1
béladjTalkative, forceful, persuasive (of speech).Tey bél mudél ngà ni.This child is very talkative.Là kóen gel legen yem knukum sok bél mudél yem tau mogot kukum ne yem tau knukum le.A court case doesn't take very long if the one holding court is forceful (in speech) and the one they are judging is also.g-, h-, k-, n-.cfbtutin 2hséb 1sébhséél 1seklita 1sélék 1setbong 1tbong 2tif 1
bélêprepWith, to, for, from, among. With the -u pronoun set, it substitutes for 'to' when the object of the preposition is a pronoun.Ke wen bemkes hmules, là hyuhen ke wen tau sut béléen.When someone ties the rice charm, it's not good for anyone to come to him.
bélétvarhbélétsbélétvTo scatter, disarrange things.g-, h-, k-, m-, -m-, -n-, s-.synbulét 1adjScattered, strewn, not in proper place.synsebesak 1sebsakcfsbakil 1sekla 1tlusak 1lusak
béntéynBig old bull with long horns.Appendix 27-01 Domestic animals
béwénRim; edges of any opening such as kettle, vagina.