Tboli - English


gatànCoconut milk.vTo cook with coconut milk, as vegetables, meat.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
gaubvTo hang down, as vines and leaves hanging down from a tree.Là kô bud tonem du yem sfu lan ebè Mutù Doloy, bà mon yem tey seben gemaub bak lan.You can no longer see the other end of the path leading to Mutù Doloy due to the thick, small bamboo hanging over it.h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
gawagfromawag 1Root refsgawag 1awag 1nEmpty spaces where plants didn't grow that were planted.Gel hyu nawan ke tilob ktowoken yem halayen, ke laen dù gunuhen gawag.He's happy if the growth of the rice is good, if there are no empty spaces (between plants).vTo make space, as in a crowd; to clear a portion of an area.h-, k-, -m-.Gmawag ye lan.|Make space|r for a path.-n-.Gnawag ye lem blóng kem tau yó.Make a space in the midst of the people there.s-.
gawangvarhgawangnAn empty space in anything.Ne yó nmò le ke wen gunun gawang gel tnunak le.What they do if there's an empty space is, they always replant.Kbongen te kohù yem gunun gawang yem ubi mà, bà mon tey lan sdô mken.The empty space in father's sweet potato patch is the size of a firetable, where the pigs have eaten.vTo make room or space for.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Gnawangem lan anì là mlan le talak yó kem tau.Make-space-for a path so that people won't make their own path through the middle (of the field).s-.
gawìnLadle.Tnana ye mò gawì tey wen klokub lefò.It's your chance now to make a ladle, there are lots of coconut shells.vTo dish up cooked rice, vegetables with a ladle.he-, ke-, m-, n-.Deng gnawì yê kô ken mà?Has mother dished up father's food?synkilu 1tibó gawìidiomTroubled, anxious, fearful, unable to sit still, as a wanted person. The movement of his face or facial expression or his gesture is like a ladle that is swung in every direction.Kéng tibó gawì lem uyóhen.She swung herself around like swinging a ladle in all directions. (This refers to anyone who cannot keep still, always going from one thing to another or hopping from place to place.)
gbangàvTo coincide, concur with; to match up with; to arrive at a particular place at the same time.Ke gbangà le yem tilob bulón bè kehek gel mon le angat mfól halayen.If they coincide with the good month to plant rice, they always say the rice will be thick.Timbow gbangà le gun sigol lan...When they arrived at the same time where the path curved...Ke gbangaem libun matù logi là knahem du ne deng kbougen kóm libun ni alì kbookem.If you had matched up with a woman who defies man, long ago this woman would have beaten you up for your foolishness.he-.Béem hegbangà béléen yem gunun któ.Don't let the torn part (of the material) match up with him.ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.(Of people) to encounter each other in anger or competition.kese-.synglouf 1louf 1cfgeblà 2blà 2geslà 1slàseblà 1blà 1
gbanggoladjLong and lanky, difficult to handle.Tey tau gbanggol tau ni.This person is very long and lanky.advAwkward, overlong.Tey gbanggol yem fat dangaw ke tô lumakem.It's very difficult to put the four-handspan bolo into a scabbard.he-, ke-, -en-.synlakun 1lenut 1lunak 1cfdwél 1dyol 1tidol 1
gbàv(Of inanimate objects) to be destroyed.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synamà 1glà 12cflebà 1gbà elem bakem nihihemidiomSaid by someone who could hardly wait to hit an offender (lit. your teeth in your mouth (will) be destroyed).gbà lem kfuhuidiomI am shocked (lit. my chest is destroyed).
gbekvargenbekvTo be able; to be impossible when preceded by the negative .Ke laen hol ken gbek le, là mken ngà le duhen kul knù, olo ke mefluda kken tau mauy.If they aren't able to have much food (don't have the wherewithal to get it), they and their children won't eat, so long as the visitor is well cared for.he-, ke-, -em-.Són ni kem ngà gel mógów ebè nim tau demwata ni gembek ne e mangay du.Only these little folk (spirits) who go to this spirit medium are able to fetch him.-en-, se-.synglunsud 1
gbelvTo flash to mind, remember; to remind.he-.Ke là uu hegbel du bè nawahu, là buden gbel lem hendemu.If you hadn't reminded me, I wouldn't have remembered.ke-, -em-, -en-.
gbeng lemvTo feel depressed.Gbeng lemen bè yem klana filaken.She was depressed when she lost her money.ke-, he-, -em-, -en-.adjDepressed.
gbetengfrombetengvTo be tied down to a place or someone or something.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synfét 1getléwéng 1tléwénggfét 1fétgsuféng 1suféngkewet 3ewettléwéng 1
gbilisvTo intimidate or be intimidated.he-.Béi hegbilis bélê le.Don't be intimidated by them.ke-, -em-.Gónó le là gembilis du abay se du ngà libun gna.The reason they can't intimidate her is because she is a child of the first wife.-en-, se-.là gbilisidiomNo shame, show off, can't be intimidated, can't be overtaken by anybody's pressure or power.Tey là gbilis tau tu.That person is never intimidated.
gbogulfrombogulvarsegbogulvTo flop into or onto anything in a forward manner.Tô mtafì gbogul lem langihen tey hanga.He almost collapsed when a big branch flopped unto (hit) the side of his face.Udì gunun tô matay gbogul te tonok lanen btang ta kudà.He nearly died flopping onto the ground when he fell off a horse.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syngtimbag 1timbag
gboluyfromboluyvTo be known for a deed; to be included as a suspect among many.Gboluyi du yem kanay nawa.Patience will make you known.Doi gboluy elemen yem matay lomi ni.It sounds like you are included as a suspect for the recent murder.he-, ke-, -em-.cftótól 1
gbonvTo pierce, penetrate, as a needle or knife; to affect, as power or influence.he-, ke-, -em-.gembon ulofen béléu.His charm does not affect me.-en-, se-.syngseb 1seb
gbôfromvarsegebôvTo carry, as a debt.Tódô gbóen efet katayen yem tey utóng tebel yehenen.She will carry until her death the great debt her spouse left.ke-, -em-.Fen tódô sensólól yó kem tau bè kilil, ne tódô du gembô du sok wen gun sidek bè kyehenen.Those people on the fringe just divided the dowry, but she (the bride) is the one to carry (be responsible for returning) it if the marriage fails.-en-, se-.
gbótfrombótvarsegbót1vTo join in with, take part in or participate, as in an activity; to go along with, be influenced, as by bad company.Yem gunuw là hol hemlus du kul yem ngà kô gbóten yem adat le.The reason I don't let the child go with them very much is, he might be influenced by their custom.Hyu se ke wen udasem gbót bélê le bulà.It is good if you have some time to join them in basketball.Ke wen tau là gbóten mken yem tanay silà tenétê le, yó mò du wen desen.If someone (of the family) isn't able to join in the first corn roast of the season, (it's believed) he will get sick.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syngomong 1omonglonggong 1mung 1cfgmung 1munghegedot 1varhegbót2vTo catch a sickness from other people.Deng gbót bè des béhen yem ngà yó.That child caught the sickness from his grandmother.ke-, -em-, -en-.cfdalang 1gwa 1wa 1
gbótóngfrombótóng 1vTo block, to be in the way.Bang kegifalen lan de yem tdak snakay me bà mon tey koyu bong gbótóng bè lan.There was no way for the truck we were riding on to pass through because a huge tree was blocking the way.he-, ke-.synblekel 1
gbóyfrombóyvTo go along with an enticement; to be persuaded.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
gbunùfrombunù 11nDisaster; accident; suffering.Tey gbunù bong yem lomi gbunù me.It was a big disaster we recently suffered.vTo meet with disaster, have an accident; to suffer; to encounter something or someone.he-, ke-, -em-.Deng mom ou gembunù du ulék yem kóm là kgulit.It's me instead (of you) who suffered the consequences of your wrong doing.-en-, se-.synglouf 1louf 1glumfak 1lumfak2vFor a woman to have her monthly cycle.he-, ke-, -em-.Là dogen mung là mdengen tlek kun gembunù.She did not join in the play because she has her monthly period.-en-, se-, kese-.cfmton 1ton
gbut1nA long work bolo, but accidentally broken off, with about one-fourth left at the base.synbut 3Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements2adjA fourth of the whole thing.Tek gbut sakù yem dù msó.Only one-fourth sack of the rice is left.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Appendix 16-02 Units of measurement
gdafatvTo get involved in an accusation without evidence, be suspect.he-, ke-, me-.Megdafat bè libun yem gfaen.His trouble is that he is suspected (of having an affair) with a woman.
gdamùvarglamùvTo strike, slap.Tódô mtal langat ohu nan e gdamù etahen bogul.The dog just lit out yelping when he was struck with the club.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.