Tboli - English


MinpnTerm of address for a young boy.cfDóg 1Man 11Séng 1Sól 11Appendix 03 Terms of address
minguvarmingumadvClearly, distinctly.Mingu kungolu du tey langaten.Clearly I heard her screaming.Mingu ktonu du mayuk.Distinctly I saw it from a distance.synmaan 2laan 1
misenfromisenvTo increase.Misen ne kebtes kdéen ni kmoen ni.The price of everything has increased now.synmiludiludsud 1tnù 1
mitfromwitvarnitvTo bring or take along some (but not all) of something.Moen tendo eles mit ofi?Why does he continually bring along some fire with him?
mitingEnglish meetingnMeeting
miusfromiuscfku 1Root reflius 1
miwólcfsgalu 1fromgalu
mken slóng1varmken tlekvTo interrupt someone's transaction by inserting his own transaction.synheslet 1slethlala 1sefed suel 1