Tboli - English


mebasagnA big jungle snake.Appendix 20 Reptiles
mebasaladj(Of sound) sharp and distinct, as the sound made by bells jingling; a person's voice that is very nice to listen to, pleasant.Appendix 19 Sounds
mebióngadjBad, sour taste of an old palm drink that had been stored for a long time. It is either poured out or used as vinegar.cflewag 1
meemfromleemadj(Of children) daring, haughty, foolish.Katen alì meem ngà ni.This child is so haughty.
meenvarlemeennSeed put aside for planting, as corn, cucumber.Gel nélék le se mò meen le.They usually select for their seed (corn).
mefgesadjStrict, constantly ordering around.Kegenen du tehe témê tey mefges sok wen atulen.While grandfather was still alive his ideas were very strict.
meg-pfxActor focus with abilitative prefix indicates the action involved in the verb is well done.Ke sok megsinsig yem tonok yó, boluy le du linol.When the earth is well-shaken, they call it an earthquake.
megakatfromakatadj(Of things which used to be well-arranged in a box) dismantled.cfmegwak 1gwak
megambanPityrogramma calomelanos.A member of the fern family Pteridacese, commonly called silver fern.Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines
megdidiffromgdidif*adjMeticulous, conscientious, very thorough in one's work.antlebang 1synmegenek 1genek