Tboli - English


onuk bnesnBirds, wild fowl (lit. bird in grass).
onuk koyunBirds (lit bird in tree).
ongòvTo easily deceive someone who is simple; to talk them into something; to abuse, mistreat, torment, annoy, disturb (usually the older/stronger over the younger/weaker).Tey mlò gel ongò le yó kem Tboli élél yó kem kfinù mled tonok.The lowlanders always mistreat the poor Tboli by appropriating their land.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Alì gel nongò le kem ngà lemnek yó kem ngà deng lembang.The older children always torment the little children.s-.synglunsud 1
ongotnScarecrow.Mò ye ongot talak halay bà mon tey sit.Make a scarecrow in the middle of the rice for there are many rice birds.vTo make a scarecrow.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
ongu1nA kind of rattan.2nA kind of tree, the sap of which is used for light, for medicine and as glue in knife handles.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
oovarmoonSense, sensation, feeling.Tey oo ktuku.I feel sleepy./How sleepy I am!v/adjTo sense, have the sensation or feeling of.g-, h-, k-, m-.n-.cfboo 1hboo 1boomoo kêSense of wanting to have a bowel movement.moo ktukSense of sleepiness.moo kuliSense of laughter, as when it's there but you are holding it back.moo tléélSense of wanting to urinate.
ool1nPycnonotus goiavier goiavier.Yellow-vented bulbul.Appendix 10 Birds2vTo go downstream.Ke mooli, loloem él.If you go downstream, you follow the current of the river.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mógów le mool.They went (to the area) downstream.n-.varmoolantleged 1subô 1synbwak 1
osòvarmosòvTo fill out, become full, as heads of grain; to begin to have fruit, as corn beginning to ear, rice beginning to head.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
osokvarhosokmosoknGrain that falls off the cob or stalk.vTo shell corn; to fall, as tears; to fall off, as off a horse, down the stairs, fruit from a branch.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synbtang 1
osolnDescent.vTo descend, go down a mountain.g-, h-, k-, m-.Nawaw ógów le mosol yem tey nosol tahà.Imagine their going, descending that long descent.n-.Tey kegen me mógów du yem tey nosol tahà yó.It took us a long time to go on that very long descent.adjDescending, downward.m-.antneged 1synhlosok 2mosol kdawMid-afternoon, sun is going down after noon time.
otokvarmotokvarhotokvTo break off, pick off the leaves from stem or stalk, as leaves of the taro from the stem; to pick fruit and vegetables that are easily obtained.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Notok ye kut blangul mò lemnaw.Pick beans for our vegetable.s-, sems-, sens-.cftok 2adjShort, stubby, as the tail of a dog or cat.Yó slónen tfok nihihen, otok ikongen, ne wen msok bè nihin.Its defect is broken teeth, stubby tail and it has missing teeth.cffet 1hutu 1
otunvarhotunmotunsotunvTo enter a house by going up stairs; to rise up to the top or above, as a flood above the riverbank; to finish the weeding at the upper end of a field; to put something up, as the lower portion of a canopy or curtain; (for a wedding party) to deliver the groom to the house of the bride; to welcome visitors; to break into a house, as robbers.Omin le yó matul du ke bo tedu kmò le du, otun le logi dun ke nangay le libun.Then they plan what they will do, whether the man will enter (the girl's house first) or whether they'll fetch the woman (to the groom's house first).g-.Slong hyu nawa le deng gotun le bulul Hnulu Halay.It was only when they were able to rise up (go up) to the top of the mountain Hnulu Halay that they were happy.h-, k-, m-.Ke kól le bè gunù, tey dê tau mon du, motun ye, motun ye.When they arrive at the house many people will say, come up, come up.Timbow le deng gotu myón, ominen lemwót yem yê yem ngà libun notun le, du fen nee mkay kul kem banglì ne kem blogo yó kem tau mulu.After the wedding guests are all seated, then the mother of the girl, who is the object of their entering, will be the one to serve them from the betel nut box with wheels and the other betel nut containers.n-.Botong sotu kmuleng tódô sulék masà, notun le lu sóól buteng.One entire family lay dead, they entered their home in the middle of the night.s-.cfdekol 1motun dunuk 1motun mohin 1nayaw 1ayaw
otùvarmotùadjOnly partially cooked, as rice.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
oufvarlouflouf 1moufRoot refglouf 1fromlouf 1vTo wash the face by splashing water on it.g-, h-, k-, m-.Hatan mkó he ke deng mouf lem yem sakub yem tau fun teniba.It won't be removed (his sickness) until he splashes water on his face from the dipper of the owner of the field.n-.Noufem yem ngà lomi mkik yóó.Wash the face of that child over there who was just crying.s-.cfdyo 1olob 1udós 1ugud 1
oyoknGleanings.Tnimbang ye kut yem oyok silà mò bli utón.Weigh and sell for us the corn gleanings for buying meat.vTo glean, gather from a field that has been harvested, as grain.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.synsilek 1
oyolvarloyol1loyolmoyolvTo droop, hang down, as a flag.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ke deng alì mékéng, ominen tódô moyol ke deng lemek tum but goyuhen.After (the corn) is very dry, then it just droops if it's already soft at the base of the cob.n-.synklowong 1udél moyolidiomPositive words spoken after negative ones, as after bargaining.Slong moyol udélen deng tey kimel bà mon kngalihen du kudaen.He only gave his word when it was already late afternoon, because he really didn't want to give up the horse.
oyosvarmoyosvTo run down, as perspiration, blood from a cut; to ooze out of.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synléwés 2