Tboli - English


sanivargsaninThe crusty part of cooked rice in the bottom of a kettle; figuratively used of the bottom layer in a basket.Ominen yó gotu bemlay kul ket na hilu kanguy halay mò sani skê nbô le.Then she gives each one of them enough stems of rice for a crust (first layer) in the bottom of their carrying basket.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.sani nawaidiomIt's different from what is projected, ulterior motive.
sanil1vTo peek, to look up from under; to peer into or through something.g-, gem-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, se-, sem-, sen-.sanil2idiomTo do things in secret that people will talk about.Béem nmò gunu le gemsanil kóm kem tau.Don't do anything that will give people reason to talk about (lose their trust in) you.
santólnSandoricum koetjape.A tree and its orange-shaped, very sour fruit with large seeds.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
sanyógvarmegsanyógvTo swing back and forth fast; to sway, as a hammock.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.adjTo and fro.meg-.synkowing 1
sangannA curse placed on people's plants or belongings that brings sickness to anyone who steals from it.synhesek 5lesekudo 1
sangayvTo harmonize, blend well together as gongs.he-, ke-, sem-, sen-.antsuléng 1
sanggóyvTo go sideways, as when being pushed in a swing.Béem sanggóy dé.Don't (swing) sideways.g-, h-, heg-.Ke hkowingem yem ngà béem hegsanggóy.When you push a child in the swing don't let it go sideways.k-, -m-, -n-.advSideways; moving back and forth tending toward one side.meg-.
sanggutnA hoe with a pointed blade.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo use a hoe.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
saub1nSitta frontalis oenochlamys.Velvet-fronted nuthatch.This is believed to be the biggest and the strongest bird in the Tboli world. It makes its nest in the ground, yet to this time no one has ever claimed to have seen it nor been able to capture it.Appendix 10 Birds2nA kind of tree.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
sawang1adjToo late; unreasonable, not sensible."A," mon Blawang, "hdoem béléem kóm, Datù, ke soki bitil sawang là mebeli ken, ngem kà lemnusi.""Oh," Mosquito said, "think about it for yourself, Chief, when you are hungry it's not sensible not to look for food; behold (if you don't) you'll starve."varhsawangcfawang 1sawang dùidiomToo late, as when one has gone so far that it is just as easy to keep going as to turn back, or if one's actions are overdone and it is too late to back out; not enough food left to not eat or put away.2adjUnmarried; young, single.Sok wen mehek, tey dê sawang logi mógów abay se tngón le tey dê se sawang libun nù bè yó mò dumu le segluk hligal.When someone plants rice, very many unmarried men go because they know that many unmarried women will be there to have fun with them.onuk sawang(Of pullet) that has not laid yet.
sayanA western type full skirt.vTo wear a western type skirt.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
sayànCat's cradle, a game played with string on the fingers.synkì bolì 1sabat 1
sbadvarsembadvTo roam around from house to house due to laziness, nothing to do.sbad le kem ngà ni.These children are always roaming around.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Béen lusà du gunu ye e sembad ni lem kifu kô wen gfà ye.Don't roam around just anywhere in the dark, you might get into trouble.-en-.cfsbitek 1sibet 1sidok 1tabag 1
sbaing1vTo move or disturb something in its place.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Bê ye senbaing yó ngà lomi btik tungô kô mkik.Don't disturb that child just waking up from sleep, he might cry.synkneyeksbayéng 1cfsbakil 12vTo struggle to do something one is not strong enough to do.Nénég ye dé yó kem ngà sbaing yóó là kô le hol segbek.Look at those children struggling (to carry each other) there, they aren't really able to do it.cfsbiling 1
sbakilvTo scatter something that has been neat and tidy; to strew all over, as wood.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.synbulét 1skitut 1adjScattered.synsebsak 1cfbélét 1sbaing 1sebesak 1sebsaksekla 1tlusak 1lusak
sbalay1vTo work together on plans, preparations.ge-, he-, ke-.Hanà tu he tô kesbalay le du mò ken.It was just then, their working on preparations to cook.-em-, -en-.cfbalay 12adjMessy, scattered, as an empty house full of cobwebs and dirt hanging down.Deng tódô sbalay gu lem gunuen hlò balay wong luk tey fól.It was just messy inside the house, all spider webs and rubbish.he-, ke-.Deng dô legen laen tau nù du yem gunù le sok tu deng tódô kesbalay balay wong gu lemen.It must have been a long time that no one lived in their house since it was just housing cobwebs inside.-em-, -en-.synsbeteng 1frombeteng 2setbukù1 1skawit1 1fromkawitskewet 1fromkewet 3
sbantangvTo make parallel.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Senbantangem kut kun yem hehek hdà te ni.Please make it parallel these posts we're putting up here.adjParallel, as sides of a square, rectangle or both sides of something.Nénégem kut kun yem bengel hlasau ni, ke sbantang le.Please look at the floor beams I just put down and see if they are parallel.synseblà 2blà 1sfet 1sken 1kenstengeb 1tengebstibó1 1tibóstimbang 1timbangstud 2tud
sbangìadjCrossed, intersecting prints of all kind, as slash wounds, dirt.Deng tódô sbangì using le kem ngà ni.These children are just crossed (covered) with dirt.synsbetek 1beteksdahì 1
sbatnAn arrow used for hunting wild pig which is smaller than a spear and has prongs.cfhanak 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
sbayéngv(Of several people or children) to take hold of something or someone playfully.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Bê ye alì senbayéng lem kinì yó ngà kô wen desen.Don't you all take hold playfully of that child there in the heat, he might get sick.synsbaing 1sbiling 1
sbeladjGreedy (about food).ge-, he-, ke-.Alì sidek kesbelen ngà yóó tendo mdà igò tau mken.That child there is very greedy, he's always standing (looking for something more) while people are eating.-em-, -en-.
sbetvarsenbetnSupporting strap, as straps tied to the load and worn on the shoulders (like backpack straps) aside from the main strap that is worn on the head.Deng hto sbet yem nbóu.The support straps of my load broke.vTo make additional straps to be worn on the shoulders for the load.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.cfbukól 1fét 2
sbetekfrombetekadjSmeared.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.synsbangì 1sdahì 1sbetek kehedem/sbetek kógów klowilidiomNo direction or goal, wasted life.Deng sbetek kógów klowilen.He no longer knows the direction of his life.sbetek ingetWet with perspiration.sbetek udélTalking nonsense.sbetek usingSmeared with dirt.
sbetengfrombeteng 2vFor strands to get entangled; for people to get caught in noisy conversations, in problems.Là dogen deng yem lieg tnoolu gotu mom sbeteng yem tnikel.The necklace I'm making is not done, the thread got entangled instead.Tlek kuy alì sbeteng bè yó géhél kuy lemwót kô kmulón.Don't get caught in that noisy conversation, let's leave at once; it might rain.Là deng getngónu du mógów tolo dê sbeteng tahu.I'm not able to go; I'm still caught in so many problems.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.synkbuleng 1sbalay 2setbukù1 1sfówól 1hówólskawit1 1kawitskebeng 1kebeng 1skewet 1kewet 3cfsbólós 1