Tboli - English


tebyà1conjIf you'd allow me; if it's okay; excuse me.Tebyà bélê ye kóó nahe mlan.If it's okay with you I'll pass here.2conjIn case (something might happen); if in case.Ke hnuem béléen yó kudà hyu okóm sen tebyà hulihen kdaw ke wen gfaen béem duón do.If you put the horse with him, that's okay but in case there is trouble later on, don't blame me.
tedekvarhtedekstedeknA length of something that is long and small in circumference such as sugarcane, banana and sweet potato.Lewu tedek yem naf nofok le.Two lengths of naf is what they cut down.Appendix 16-02 Units of measurementvFor something to lay straight somewhere.g-.Deng tô hatayen nan e gtedek lem liholen tey tiol.She almost died (choked) when a bone laid straight in her throat.h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
tedengvarstedengvTo make straight; to justify.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Béi tmedeng knù.Don't justify yourself.-n-.Tnedeng mà hanaken, kninien bè ofi.Father straightened one of his arrows by heating it in the fire.s-.adjStraight, erect; righteous.Ke deng gotu ntób le yem silà mékéng, tedeng ne kenoken halay le.When they have finished cutting the dry corn, then the rice can grow up straight.synbtol 1tolcfdsol 1tedeng nawaidiomA straight character, righteous.
teduintrogWhat?Tedu salau béléen gunun hangay do?What is my sin against him that he would fetch me?
tedulayvTo dry ears of corn by hanging them up high by their husks.-n-.Hyu nawahen yem tau ke wen kun silà knalag duhen tendulay.He's happy if there's corn hanging from the rafters or dried by the husks.
tedyungnA length of black cotton material with white stripes used for skirts and blankets.Yó gel kngom le du kun yem logi wen lewu balà tedyung slibayen.Reportedly, how they do the finery of the bridegroom is, there's usually two matching black skirts criss-crossing his chest.
teefnA winnowing basket with one end open, having only two inset corners.Appendix 24 BasketsvTo winnow.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfabì 1bigu 1bokog 1leban 1séél 1tfuul 1tluhung 1
teemnHem of dress, edge turned under of anything sewn.vTo baste, tack, as before sewing.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
tefadanUnderwater goggles.
tefeknLargest work bolo, wide but short, used to cut large trees.Lemwót yó kem tau tmóbóng tmiba gotu néhék le se kem tók le ne kem tefek le.The people who will be helping make the field all sharpen their fancy knives and their work bolos.cfbangkung 1suk 1Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements
tefesvargtefesvTo strike something held in the hand against or towards something, as holding a frog by his legs and striking his head against something.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.syngtutuk 1tutukcfbogul 1timbag 1tingkuk 1tutuk 1
teflok1vTo cut off the flow, as of liquid, power, light, conversation; to stop, finish, end as work or sickness; to put out as a fire; to shut off or turn off, as lights.Yò gel nmò kem dumu tau sok leminol mogul le blówón anì géhél teflok.What some people do when there's an earthquake is they beat the gong so that it will quickly stop.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.synfu 2hotok 1fromotok 1mekleng 1fromkleng 1sfu 1fromfu 2tefnô 12nA kind of black ant, usually found on plants or walling.syn1cfkonok 1lotu 1Appendix 13-04 Ants
tefnôvTo stop, cease, halt, as people fighting.Lemwót kuy he sok deng tefnô kulón.Let us leave only after the rain has stopped.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synbólów 1hotok 1otok 11mkósfu 2fu 2teflok 1cfmekleng 1kleng 1
teg*vargteghtegvTo pound in a stake; to stand upright, as a post in the ground or a knife thrown down, as an arrow in a tree trunk; to put up a building.g-, h-.Hteg le koyu duhen law, omin le temfok du anì laen dù tau tmiba du.They put a stake (in the ground) of a stick or wild cane, then they break it so that no one else will make a field there.k-, m-.Goyu, yem gunuhen mteg nihi yem silà.The cob is where the kernels of corn are stuck into.n-.
tegdungfromgdungfromdung 2vTo fall, landing hard on one's buttocks.ge-, he-, ke-, -n--.adj(Of a toddler) at a stage of learning how to walk in a rise and fall manner.Hanà mógów tegdung yem ngà yem klef yéen.The child was still learning to walk in a rise and fall manner when the mother died.syntegyón 1yón 1cftgóhóng 1óhóngtlidus 1
tegesòfromlesò 2vTo take without prior permission, as possessions; to go on ahead of others, not waiting.Tegesò mken.He ate ahead (it could be inconsiderate or being in a hurry).ge-, he-.Tódô kóem hetegesò lemwót lem blóng yem tey tau.He just went ahead and left in the midst of the people (as not to wait for any companion or for the right time).ke-, -em-, -en--.syntegna 1
tegililv(Of people) to slip or slide, landing on one's side.ge-, he-, ke-, -n--.
teglang1nStem of a plant to which the leaf is attached; branch.vTo have many stems.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n--, se-.2adj(Of a person) to be very thin, skinny.-m-.Mom temglang nim ngà là hol móyô mken nii.This child here is all skin and bones, he's not really eating properly.
teglusfromglusfromlusvTo let go, release; to slip down, as when climbing a tree, or as a strap slipping from over one's shoulder.Teglus elaan bkes yem bala seel.The rope tied to the floor joist slipped down.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Tau du temglus du etu yem kudà?Who released the horse over there?-en--.Géhél ten-glusem etu sne yó filakem ke tahu nóyóem se yó ngà bew.At once let go of your money if you are really interested in that young carabao.cfleglus 1glustgilil 1advSlipped.Omin le yó he teglus lemwót.Then it was that they slipped away (finally left after being kept for a while).
tegnavTo do or use something without asking permission; to make decisions without consulting the person involved.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n--, se-.syntegesò 1lesò 2cftlafù 1
tegnusadjSlight, of breeze.
tegnùvartegnôvTo settle, become lower or shorter, as the lowering of a house; to limp because one leg is shorter than the other.Ne ke lumun haya ktem, omin le yó gotu mtok hanga yó kem koyu deng hnugón le anì gotu tegnù elaan yó kem hangahen ne tilob klóben.If tomorrow is their burning of the field, then they will chop off all the branches of the trees they have felled so that the branches will all settle and it'll burn well.he-, ke-, -m-, -n--.advLamely.Mógów tegnù yem kudà déke sléhé.The horse is walking lamely; perhaps it has a dislocation in the joints.synseg 1
tegoyuvartemgoyunRoundwood poles.adj(Of cassava tuber) hard, woody; (of a person or a tree) slender, slim.-m-.
tegówókfromówók1nA stage in basket weaving.cfsélê 1tbóón 1vTo begin the first design on a basket where it begins to take shape and is repeated after each design on the basket.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n--.2adj(Of a person) small waistline.-m-.cfknililkililobin 1tgimak 1tigel 1