lawavTo visit someone with or without any special purpose in mind.Yó gna nmò le yó kem tau wen des ngà le, na le lawa bè yem tau fun ngà tgut yem ngà wen desen.What those whose child is sick do first is visit the parents of the child who is wanted by the sick child.g-, h-, k-.Yem klawa le bè yó tey kehta le kul.On their visit there, they really gave them a rousing welcome.-em-, -en-.Olò lenawahem ou dé, denge tey hahù kóm.You come visit me, I'm very homesick for you.s-, kes-.Sok deng kesefni le linti, ne wen balaen, omin le yó semsatul mò keslawa le.After their asking bracelets from each other, and there's a response, then they plan together their visiting each other.cfauy 1

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