bayàvTo ignore; to leave alone, let go of, allow.g-.Ke olo gbayà béléu yó ngà matù tuha ngem lembel me sifit.If only that child who challenges the old (people) was left to me, behold he'd have a strong switching.h-.Balù sekteb ke malà tódô hbayà sensudél le.She didn't say a word, she just ignored them scolding her.-m-, m-.Moem mayà du mung elem él yem ngà déke konul.Why did you allow that child to go along to the river, he might have drowned.-n-.Là kô bnayà le do dou mon le hanae ngà.They didn't allow me (to have it), because they said I was still a child.s-, sen-, sem-, seg-.Deng na le e segbayà honon lu kem ngà deng na le e glumfak éfél.It was when the children were left alone by themselves that the calamity with the bees occurred.synhlus 1luskdol 1lugun 1cflus 2tagak 1tebel 1

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