alawvarsalaw tavTo snatch something which belongs to someone else or that someone else is using; also used when a man runs off with someone else's wife.alaw le libun yó kem logi gnan.The men of earlier times all snatched women.g-, h-, k-, m-.Sal gel adat kesok wen mulu, gel malaw slagi yem tau mulu.It's customary when there's a wedding, that those attending will snatch (the drumstick and play) the drums.n-.Dalang se kun yem tau fen mtang, bud nalawen se kun yem tang.It is the same of the person who plays the large bass gong, he also grabs (the drumstick and plays) the large bass gong.s-, sems-, sens-.synled 1tfel 1cfskot 1

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