litok1nSap (of trees, plants).Yó yem gel atul yó kem tau fun halay, gel le ma yem litok koyu boluyen takul mò hulut le yó kem sit bokong ditu bè kilil halay anì tawan le.The plan of the owner of the rice is to get the tree sap called takul for catching the maya birds there at the edge of the rice field so that some of them will be affected (caught).vTo produce sap.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.2nThe white mucous that covers a newborn at birth.3nA black vine used to decorate the beautiful Tboli baskets.Litok yem hitem gel sulib le yó kem leban tilob gel nmò le.The black vine (is what) they always use on the pretty baskets they make.cfasam 1Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines

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