sutvarhesutmsut1vTo come; to be born; to arrive at a place; to come out, as shoots on a plant.Sut bélê me hlafus Yê Hlowon.Yê Hlowon came to us in the morning.Tikóng gafit le Hnu, mon le mò du, "Nam sut bè Datù kun."When they caught up with Turtle, they said to him, "You must come to the Chief (at his request)."g-, h-, k-.Gel le btik hanà minal mwas abay se yó se gel ksut yó kem limu blotik.They always arise while it's still the beginning of daybreak because that's always the coming out of those five stars.m-.Ke sok deng tlu dounen msut, yó he bud kulit kokol le hilol yem sol tehe gunu le mulu yem kleb yó.When three leaves have come out, then they dig again around the hole where they previously planted the taro.n-.syngdek 1fromdek 2hiwal 1fromiwalcfhusuk 1husung 2kól 1seklobok 12vTo undo something by mistake.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Deng nsut yê hmulesen.Mother had undone the taboo of her rice charm.vargsut

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