agangnThe protruding portion of taro or sweet potato above the ground; the protruding part of cooked rice over the rim of the kettle; protruding teeth.vTo protrude, as taro shows above the ground.Tey leged yem mà Bedung, tey agang kleben yem knuen bè Ledel.Bedung's father is very industrious, his taro really protruded above the ground (was abundant) when he lived at Ledel.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey magang tiol kwangen yem sdô tnomò le Tadu.The backbone of the pig the family of Tadu took care of really protruded (very thin).n-.Sdangaw nagangen te tonok yem klut te Lemwél.The wild, poisonous root at Lemwél protrudes a handspan above the ground.synhegwis 1ukuk 1utù 1uyù 1

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