bakùTagalog tabakonNicotiana tabacum.Tobacco.Ke gel hamak yó kem libun tganay yem yehen le, sal gel nmò le bakù bolen.In the past when the women made a betel nut chew for their husbands, they always accompanied it with tobacco.Mdeki dou yem salang bakù mò bolu.Pound the tobacco reject leaves for me to mix (with the betel nut).Nam e kemnoli kut tum bakù kafal mò huluhu.Please pull out some of the small round leafed tobacco seedlings for me to plant.vTo use tobacco.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.

Varieties of tobacco
bakù dilós small, long leaves, strong tasting
bakù kafal small, round leaves, numbing
bakù mékéng dried
bakù nafid half dried tobacco leaves braided together, rolled up and tied into links/lengths to finish drying above the fire
bakù nked its leaves dried and tied in a bundle and placed inside the dry abaca sheath to make it airtight and then placed on the shelf above the firetable
bakù nuful wide leaves
bakù snofil dried
salang bakù the last small, unsaleable leaves (rejects)

Appendix 17-07 Other plants

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