tétêfrométê 21vTo roast in a fire, as corn; to kill and roast pig, chicken.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Wen se gel tmétê onuk.There are (those) who usually roast chicken.m-.Dalang se kem logi métê le onuk mò utón yem ken.Likewise the men, they are the ones to roast chicken as meat to go with the food.-n-.Sgoyu tnétê le, ne nólól le ket ne udì bè yó kem dumu.They roast one cob (of corn) and divide it, a little bit for each one.2adjDirty.Béi mogot lem tonok bè yó gogotem tey dê tétê masà.Don't play there in the dirt; you will get into those dirty (things) lying there.

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