hlalavarknala nawa1vTo disturb, annoy; interrupt.Gel mon le kun knawa klifen yem ngà gel hmala kem tau lembang stulón.They always say that a child who disturbs adult conversation has the character of a slave.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-.Ni se kul adat kem tau ke wen mken, là kô le tendo hmala mdà ne mudél.This is their custom if someone is eating, they surely don't disturb by standing up and talking.me-, -n-, se-.synhekliluk 1heklituk 1heslet 1fromsletmken slóng1 1sefed suel 12vTo ignore, disregard, as when one is guilty.Són moen hlala edyu nan e gungol yem kesekba le yem lana deng nwahen.He just ignored it (made himself busy away from there) when he heard people talking about what was lost which he had taken.

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