yónvargyónmyón1vTo sit down on something; to ride on.Yó se gunu le gel hmafus du btik nee kendel myón angat.That's why they rise early in the morning to sit in the shelter.g-, h-, k-, m-.Denge myón ówóng dou.I have ridden on an airplane.n-.Nyónu kudà ebè fedyan ginu.I rode the horse to the market earlier.s-.varhegyónseyóntegyón2vTo take office; to be seated as an elected official; to rule as a leader.Deng myón yem tau lomi nélék le.The person newly elected has assumed office.Là tngón te du kógów kebenwu abay se deng bud lomi yem tau myón.We don't know how the country will go because a new person has just taken office.varhyón

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