ebennA tubular blanket used as a sling for carrying a baby or small child.Deng nee lembut Bulón, gotu ntólen eben ngaen.Bulón was angry, she chopped up the child's blanket sling.Eben ngà yem kumù nwahem yó.That blanket that you just took is the sling for carrying a child.For a newborn, the sling is placed around a person's neck and the baby is carried in the front. When the child is older, the sling is used like a strap hung from the person's forehead and the child is carried on the back. This sling is also used as a baby's cradle by tying it to one end of a long piece of bamboo which has been firmly secured at the other end to a rafter, allowing the end with the sling to be bounced up and down, a motion that puts babies to sleep. Often a long piece of twine is tied to the end of the bamboo where the cradle is attached. The loose end of this twine has a loop in it large enough to be looped around an adult's big toe. So while a person's hands are busy, the foot can be used to bounce the baby to sleep.vTo carry someone, something in a sling either hung from a person's neck or forehead.Snayà ebenem du.Use a skirt (one section) to make a sling for carrying her.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.Appendix 07 Ways of carrying

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