na1vTo get, take all of something.cfma 12advFirst, must.Okóm ke gel kmulón bè blóngen, nan na gel hangat yem bud hendlà kkinien.But if it rains in between, first he must wait for it to be very hot again.Nahu na gna hni.First I'll ask (for it) ahead./Let me first ask (for) it.Bè halay, gu laan le là deng mehek, na le ket libut le.With rice, before they plant it, first they do their rice planting ritual.varne 13exclOh!"Na, tey deng ni u Sembilà," mon Iwas."Oh, here you are Friend," Monkey said.cfweyò 1wis 1wóhô 1wóyóy 1

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