bólvarhból1nNasal cartilage; the new, edible leaves just forming on the inside of the coconut and bahi palms.Sotu gunun matay ke tódô ta bólen, kihu mtétél.Another reason he'll die is if anything hard hits him on his nasal cartilage.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person2nGeneration.Yó kum ból le Mà Sém, le Kalan, le Tuan, le Ugal.Our generation includes the families of Mà Sém, Kalan, Tuan and Ugal.synketol 1lebók 1lugod 1sfu 3fromfu 2tbong 1tlê 13vTo open up, as a flower, package, letter; to open out or undo a knot on a rope; to spread, as a sickness or to spread a mat; to multiply or reproduce, as plants or animals; to reveal a secret or unfold in court, as the whole story or evidence of a crime; to find an answer, as to a problem or a riddle.Là tagad nétéu du he yem onuk igedu naw na hból.I'm not going to dress/roast my short-legged chicken yet, I'm going to have it multiply.g-, h-.Béen dê hból ye ke là móyô ye angat gówóng.Don't spread the gossip if you don't want to be involved.k-, m-.Ne omin le yó gel mból du ket na sotu hutus yem tébéd ket haya.Then they usually undo one (knot) on the rope each day.Botong laen bud gmoen yem tau alì hlalà naa nból kdê kem kestigus bè kukum yem kdéen.There's nothing more he could do to deny (the crime) when all the witnesses revealed everything in court.n-.Ne tahu se, gotu nból le yó kem ken nù snolu le.And true, they all opened up the food in front of them.s-.When a date is set for an event, usually a wedding, knots are tied in a string or small rope to represent the number of days until the event occurs.varmból hólól1sbólsynbwa 2cf1

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