atulnPlan, idea, source, means for expenses.Gel wen heklo le snéen ke bud wen atul le du.They usually have others help weed also if there's a source for the expenses.vTo plan.g-, h-, k-, m-.Omin le yó matul du ke bo tedu kmò le du.Then it is they plan what they will do.n-.Ne eles natul le se mò angat hutón le kul.And they plan in advance for what will be their meat-viand for them.s-.To all plan together, exchange ideas, as in solving a case/problem.sems-.Sok deng gel kesefni le linti, ne deng wen balaen, omin le yó gel semsatul du keslawa le.After their asking bracelets from each other and there's a reply, it is then that they all plan together their visiting each other.sens-, kes-.synitung 1

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