sawang1adjToo late; unreasonable, not sensible."A," mon Blawang, "hdoem béléem kóm, Datù, ke soki bitil sawang là mebeli ken, ngem kà lemnusi.""Oh," Mosquito said, "think about it for yourself, Chief, when you are hungry it's not sensible not to look for food; behold (if you don't) you'll starve."varhsawangcfawang 1sawang dùidiomToo late, as when one has gone so far that it is just as easy to keep going as to turn back, or if one's actions are overdone and it is too late to back out; not enough food left to not eat or put away.2adjUnmarried; young, single.Sok wen mehek, tey dê sawang logi mógów abay se tngón le tey dê se sawang libun nù bè yó mò dumu le segluk hligal.When someone plants rice, very many unmarried men go because they know that many unmarried women will be there to have fun with them.onuk sawang(Of pullet) that has not laid yet.

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