bausvTo wrap something by winding around it, as a wound, meat.Bausem bè kuluhem yem ulew anì là héféi.Wrap the scarf around your head so that you won't get wet.Gel baus le bè tuhod ke wen hunges ken libut, mon le anì là mimahen ke wen nehek.They always wrap (wind) the bundled food for the rice ritual around a stump; they say it's so that it won't take long to plant rice.g-, h-.Béem sónmò hbaus lem dfél dé, oloi hewà.Don't always wrap yourself up there inside the room (like a hermit), try to get out.k-, m-, -m-.Tau du bmaus/maus du tey ngà kinì ni?Who wrapped in a blanket this child with a fever?-n-, s-.To be all tangled, as vines, grass.sen-, sem-, seg-.synbekunù 1bukut 1bukut nawa 1bukuthunges 1kukum 1lekukus 1cfbsong 1lambung 1gbaus nawaidiomFeeling hemmed in, not knowing what's going on around you or what to do, as when you arrive in a new place.

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