kulu1n(Of a person, animal, insect, worm) head.Tey des kuluhu lanu kemlo lem kinì.My head really aches from weeding in the hot sun.Appendix 12 Body parts of a personvTo place one's head (in a certain direction); to go headfirst.g-, h-, ke-, -m-.Béi kmulu edini, kô gbóte kutuhem.Don't put your head over here, I might get infected with your head-lice.-n-, s-.2nThe source of a river.kulu él hol gunuhen nù yem fun él.It is at the source of the river where the owner of the river really lives.v(Of a river) to flow from its source.m-.Kmulu swì yem él bè Nasulì.The river at Nasulì flows from its source in the opposite direction (of other rivers).3nA leader; the one in a position of authority over others.Bè ket benwu sal wen tau kulu le.Each place always has its own leader (head).vTo consider someone as one's leader, head.Ket tau bè ket benwu sal wen kul gunu kmulu.Every person in every place always has someone they consider leader (head).-m-.syndatukem 3ogot 1cfdatù 1

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