kólvTo arrive, as when returning to one's own house; to reach a destination or an amount of something.Muta yem libun, ne ominen semla, ne mdek le kól hilu lata.The woman harvests (the rice) and then fry roasts it, and they pound (it) reaching to many cans.Ke deng le kól bè tniba omin le mò but bnék mò gunu le hemnù yó kem bnék, ne ehek le hilolen libut le.When they arrive at the field, then they make a base where they will place the seed, and they plant around their ritual area.g-, h-, k-.Deng tódô dilô Hnu yem deng kkólen lem linu, ne kmuli.Turtle immediately realized he had arrived in the pool and he laughed.m-, n-, s-.sems-, sens-, kes-.syngdek 1dek 2gdofì 1dofìgefet 1efet1 1menku 1cfduung 2henkól 1sut 1skól tuhaOf spouses to reach old age in their marriage.

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