ólósvarmólósadjClean, spotless, on the physical aspect; neat and clean in what one does; clear, as the dew clears.g-, h-.Tey hólós ngà libun.The little girl is neat and clean (in what she does).Timbow deng yem kehken le kul ne deng gotu mólós ne hmilol kul, omin le yó bud mkay kul blogo yó kem tau lawa yó, bud hamak le lu.When they have eaten and it's all clean around them, then they again serve the visitors betel nut chews.Tey mólós ngà libun.The little girl is clean (neat and clean on the physical aspect).k-, m-.Lemwót kuy he ke deng mólós gu te tonok.We'll leave yet when the ground is clear (when the dew is gone).n-.cfhgulam 1mólós nawaidiomTo have a good feeling, clear conscience, nothing could be done that would make one feel any better.

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