neetnAn evil omen, (i.e., anything encountered or occurring that is unusual which always predicts a bad happening); something out of character, as a chicken running around the house with no one chasing it can be a sign of evil or misfortune; an impossibility (that what someone plans to do will happen).Sok motun ta yem ulal, neet. Angat wen motun kóm ta mò sidek.If a snake comes up (into the house), it's an evil omen. Someone will come up (into your house) to do (something) bad.Tboli believe that it is through the unusual that supernatural powers often reveal themselves. So they expect the unusual--they are always on the lookout for it in order to be able to deal with it and avoid the harmful consequences.synnaay 2neet he dé (semblow dé)idiomIt's impossible/if it happens that's a miracle.

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