funfromfu 3varnfunn(Of land, fields, houses, possessions, bamboo, slaves) the owner.Tnaba le fun bulul anì gmuta le utón ke mò le hengalaf.They call the owner (spirit) of the mountain so that they will be able to get their meat when they set the traps.Mon le là gangat funen du halayen.They say the owner will not be able to wait for his rice (i.e., he will die before it is ready to be harvested).Traditional belief is that all natural resources such as the earth, mountains, bodies of water, trees and animals are owned by spirit-beings known as the "owners". Sickness also has an owner, as does all traditional property made of metal. These invisible spirit-owners have rights which take precedence over the rights of Tboli, hence they are treated with great respect. Sickness and death are attributed to having transgressed the rights of one of these owners. No one owner is considered to have authority over the others, all are equally powerful, but each one's authority extends only over his prescribed area.Appendix 02-03 Spirit beings know as the ownersvTo own something; to claim as one's own possession.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tau du mfun du yem tey halay tilob tuu?Who owns that beautiful rice there?n-.Béem nfun yem sindu kóm du.Don't claim as yours what is not yours.s-.cfled 1tfel 1

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