bolok1nState of rotteness; a swelling, as in the body.vTo swell; to have beriberi; to rot.Ke mina kê yem nam, mon le angat tey bong halay le, ne angat bolok dumuhen halay.If the feces of the millipede is mushy, they say they will have a lot of rice, and some will rot (the harvest will be so great).g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synledak 1cflesò 1adjRotten; swollen; dilapidated; worn out.synlebóg 1ledég 1ledug 1legem 1cfbonu 1boo 1mtotoltotoltotol 1bolok bótóngidiomThe strange smell of nearby spirits or of fresh blood.2vTo be untidy, as self negligent, especially a woman after getting married.h-.cflebà 1

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