lusvarglushlus1Root refleglus 1fromglusnThe burned area of a cleared field.Tey mlób lusen yem tnibahu.The burned area of my field is really charred.adjCharred.Gotu lus ofi yem numa bè sufaw tnibahu.The fire charred all the second growth trees at the top of my field.2nA shed skin, as snake, chicken legs or newly born baby.Tey lus ulal tonu bè kulu él dlem.There's a big snake skin (that had been shed) I saw at the water source down below.vTo shed skin, to come off; to take off, as clothes; to let go of, as a horse or a hard headed person.Deng tódô lusen elem blóng le yem kudà mékét là bud gafasen du.He just let go of the fighting horse in their midst, he wasn't able to control it.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ulal du mlus bè ni nii?What type of snake is it that shed its skin right here?n-.cfbayà 1tagak 1tebel 1

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