nevarna 21advMust now; first; when. Always with a pronoun and direction-marking particle.Bè ktiba, ne le gna tniba yem bnes ne kem koyu lemnek.In field-making, they must first cut the grass and the small trees.Tahu se kun Hnu, ket sotu kdolen ne e mógów mool.It was true, Turtle moved slowly when he went downstream.New e nebel Méw dé ni.Now I must look for Owl then.Yó nmò le, ne le maba.What they do is, first they make a sign that work has begun.Yó nmoen tnihangen mool él Hnu, nen e hnebel yem gunun wen linu.What he did was to carry Turtle downstream, when he looked for a deep e, nem eFirst you; when you'.ne le eFirst they; when they.nen eFirst he; when eFirst I; when I.2conjAnd.Gotu ken sit ne sdô ne ungé.It will all be eaten by the maya birds and pigs and rats.3advnow;ón usoken ne dù tagak.It's only the small pieces left now.Ke deng gotu hulô kdéen, mon le deng lemgà, ne nbut le ne lemogom.When all of (the rice) is already red, they say it is overripe, and they begin now to harvest by the handful.

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