layukvarhlayukmayuknDistance.vTo be a long way off; to go away.g-, h-.Yó se gunuhen lembù hednu hlayuk.That's why (the sky) backed off and went far away on his own.k-, m-, -em-.Mon le hyu ke deng sitong lan le mehek, ne ke mayuk gunuhen kmutel muhen.They say it's good if the path they are planting is already joined and if the turtledove's call is far away.n-, -en-, s-.Tehe yu kun ekni tey glaan yem longit, tek hóyów nogot, là kô le slayuk tonok.Formerly, it's said the sky was very low, low enough to touch/hold; it certainly wasn't far from the ground.sem-, sen-, kes-.synbkas 1sgawag 1awag 1cfbatul 1adjDistant, far, remote.antgunung 1unungmaan nawaidiom ofmaan 1mayuk nawaidiomLonely, to pity someone for being alone.antmaan 1fromlaan 1

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