hlowonvTo tease, joke, take things lightly; to vex, harass or irritate by teasing or by jest.Okóm là kô le gel segdà abay se hlowon le ni kem nmò le ni anì là gnóm le du yem tey klamang duen.But they don't get mad at each other because they joke about this work so that they don't notice (feel) the large area left (when planting rice).ge-, he-, ke-, -m-.Ngangen hmowon kem ngà efet le mkik.He continued to tease the children until they cried.-n-.Yó gel balà le du yó kem tau, mon le, "Nawaw ni dum tey ken nmoem ni, Wè, là kô nam e hnowon du."The people reply to him, saying, "Imagine this food you've made here, Friend, certainly it's not to be taken lightly." (At a wedding feast, the food is plenty, not just a teaser).se-.Gel le se seflowon ke deng le kem hono seknalam.They usually tease each other if they are all familiar with each other (at a work gathering).synodoy 1cfkéng 1

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