gbótfrombótvarsegbót1vTo join in with, take part in or participate, as in an activity; to go along with, be influenced, as by bad company.Yem gunuw là hol hemlus du kul yem ngà kô gbóten yem adat le.The reason I don't let the child go with them very much is, he might be influenced by their custom.Hyu se ke wen udasem gbót bélê le bulà.It is good if you have some time to join them in basketball.Ke wen tau là gbóten mken yem tanay silà tenétê le, yó mò du wen desen.If someone (of the family) isn't able to join in the first corn roast of the season, (it's believed) he will get sick.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syngomong 1omonglonggong 1mung 1cfgmung 1munghegedot 1varhegbót2vTo catch a sickness from other people.Deng gbót bè des béhen yem ngà yó.That child caught the sickness from his, -em-, -en-.cfdalang 1gwa 1wa 1

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