kmêvarkenmê1vTo squeeze together, as the top or sides of a basket; to press, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.adjCrushed (of basket, tin can).Deng mom gotu kmê yem lebanu bà mon gotu segluduk etahen yó kem dumu nwit.My basket is all crushed because all the other things got piled on top of it.synkyom 12nWrapper used for cooking in the fire.Hol hfólem kmê yem hekméu kóm anì hol tógó.Make the wrapper thick so what I'm having you cook in the fire will cook well.vTo place the chicken gizzard, liver, skin and intestines on a banana leaf (or other leaves), fold it and cook it over hot, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Kenméem kut yem katay onuk, homongem btulungen, tnahihen ne kuliten ne nbolem bawing ne ksuna kufil.Please cook in a banana leaf the chicken liver, include the gizzard, intestines and skin and mix in sweet basil and leek 1bsong 1

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