atù1nWhatever is used to help you win something; anything put down on a gambling debt.vTo win, as in a race, game.Yó kudà yó atuu kóm, syan nangayem do tu libun tu.I promise you to win that horse there, as long as you fetch that woman for me.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ke kihu bélê le alì mfól ngeden, efet kól mwas là tngónen du tum balaen, yó se matù.It doesn't matter which of the (singers) has a deep riddle, if the other one doesn't know (the answer) until daybreak, he's the one to win.synanggan 22vTo defy someone, as a child his parents; to pick a fight with someone.n-, s-.adjDefiant, challenging.m-.Libun matù tey gel nubang kem tuónen ne kem fayen.A defiant girl is always complained about by her parents-in-law and her sisters-in-law.synanggan 13vTo spoil, decay as vegetables that spoil before they can be used, fruit that isn't mature when picked and doesn't really ripen.m-.Ke wen silà hanà matak ke alì legen kehyuhem du, matù.If the corn is still immature or if you keep it a long time, it spoils.synleneg 1

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