amakvarhamaknA masticatory composed of betel nut or tree bark mixed with lime and wrapped in ikô leaves.Mung amakem du bakuen.Include tobacco in your chew.vTo chew betel nut.g-, gemg-, h-, k-.Yó mon le hyu ke kmutel muhen deng kamak le.They say it's good if the omen call is after their chewing (of betel nut).m-.Yem igò le mamak, gel le stulón.While they are chewing, they always talk together.n-.Tey hulô yem namak blayem do.It's very red (refers to best quality) the chew you gave to me.s-, sems-, sens-.To make betel nut chews (only one makes them) for everyone.Sok deng kken le, omin le yó gotu bud sfamak yó kem tau mamak, ne omin le hegnù.After eating, then they make betel nut chews for those who chew, then they rest.

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