gafitvartgafitvTo catch up with someone; to reach something above, overhead.gafitu du tey geta.I can't reach it, it's high up.gafiten du gunù, deng hegkay.He (Tarsier) didn't catch up with the house, it had lifted up.Yó ilóem du ke alì metlasik mehek yem logi là kô gel gafiten du yem libun mla.You'll see if a man is very fast to dibble-stick plant, the woman planting (behind him) isn't able to catch up with him.Tikóng gafit le Hnu, mon le mò du, "Nam sut bè Datù kun."When they caught up with Turtle, they said to him, "You must come to the chief."he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.synguta 1cfgefet 1efet1 1

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