hulung1vTo know how to do something, to be skilled.Tey le hulung temngel kógów kdaw kul yó kem tuha.The old ones really know how to look at (lit. the going of) the day's weather.g-, h-, k-.Ke miwoli libun, tódô hegfanem khulungem mò nmò, ne hol bnasahem kem tuha yem libun.If you desire a woman, you just show your knowing how to work and give gifts to the parents of the girl.varkenhulungsynketngón 1fromtngóntngón 12vTo like or be comfortable being with someone.Tey le hulung béléen kem ngà.The children are very comfortable with her.k-, -m-, -n-, sf-.synsetngón 1fromtngóncfnalam 1

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