fu1nMegalaima haemacephala haemacephala.Coppersmith or crimson-breasted barbet.Appendix 10 Birds2vTo finish, used up; complete to the end, as when reading a book, viewing a film.g-.gfuhen.He was not able to finish (his life) (of child's death).h-.To end one's life (suicide).hen-.To proceed, continue an activity through to completion.Nénégem ke deng mfu yem snuk ofi.Look and see if the sticks in the fire are used up.Deng le gotu mfu.They have all died (of foreparents' death reaching old age).k-, m-.Hdómu kóm yem bok sok deng mfuhu.To finish, end, as a candle that burned all out.I'll let you borrow this book when I have finished it.n-, s-.vargfuhfumfusfusynteflok 13vTo own something.gem-, gen-, m-, n-.varfunRoot refmfufromfu 2mulék fu, mulék tu.idiomA call to return to your origin, owner.

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