tengen1nVine of the bok yam or biking wild root family.synhangà 1Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines2nManner of biting.Unihen sut deng nan e nmò tengen tahu.The moment she arrived she started the real biting.vTo bite.Hek, mdef ngà blawang udì tmengen blóng hulok Datù Fak.Listen to this, a small mosquito was biting between the eyebrows of Chief Frog.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Unihen sut deng nan a hnitem tmengen.The moment she arrived she concentrated to bite with all her might.-n-, s-.synékét 13vTo be stranded, held up; to stand still; to hold in place; to get stuck.g-.Tedu kô ni gunun gtengen mà ye?What could it be that's holding up your father (not yet back from a trip)?h-.varhtengen mdà

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