hakingvTo change direction and proceed on from one place or thing to another.Omin le yó bud haking ebè yem sotuhen.Then they again changed direction (and went) to another one.Sok deng kógówem lem fedyan hakingi kut ebè yem tindà bong, mlihi kut snilas.After you have gone to the market, please change direction (go back) to the big store to buy slippers.g-, h-.Sok ye ston nahem hol hfaking ebéléu gu laanen hlós.When you see each other have him change direction to me before he proceeds.k-, -m-.Ominem yó hmaking du etahen sok sidek tulónen.Then turn it back against him if he tells something not nice.-n-.Tedu hnakingem etmool igò monem do mógówi eteta?What did you change direction for, going far downstream when you told me you are going to the mountains?

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