kilangvargkilangskilangnSpace between thighs; step.Htahaem kilangem dé anì géhél te gefet.Make your step long so that we'll get there quickly.Appendix 12 Body parts of a personvTo step over something; to go over the limit or boundary.g-, h-, ke-, -m-.Tódô le gel kmilang gu ta yó kem lembang masà.They always just step over the top of the large ones laid out....yake knilangem kótóng anì là mtuden yem kutel muhen.(Of beliefs)'s good if you step over the fire stones so that the call of the omen bird isn't effective.-n-.Hol lii bè tau ke knilangem sotu tau, lagà là madati.It's really taboo for you to step over another person; you aren't respecting him.s-.tahà kilangidiomTerm of address or nickname for a tall male with long legs.

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