lainIn-law; term of address between family members and relatives of a husband and wife only.Timbow le deng kól bè yó olo le suloy, ne henwit le lu bulung bahung ni kem lai le fi gu bè libun.When the girl's family have been there overnight, the in-laws send (food as) medicine with them to prevent sickness.When the in-laws return home, the newlyweds also accompany them, bringing the food to prevent sickness.Appendix 03 Terms of address vTo be in-laws; to arrange a child marriage.Abay se là hyuhen se kem tau slai ke là gel le sbasa.It's because it's not good, those who are in-laws, if they aren't generous with each other.s-.Tey le móyô slai se kem Tboli.The Tboli really like to in-law each other.sem-.Yem sotu adat kem tuha me là hol gbek le mkó du yem semai ngà hanà udì.There's one custom that our parents aren't able to remove, that of making marriage arrangements (lit. to in-law) of still small children.sen-.Mon le angat senai lu.They say he will make them marry each other.kes-.

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