hganagfromganagvTo take it easy on one another.se-.Olò ye sefganag dé, bê ye sónmò sefetê.Take it easy on each other, don't always be shouting at one another.advSlowly.Yó ne kun Iwas, hganag són huli, yakà blat ikong niten kun.Monkey was coming slowly behind for he said his tail, that he was bringing, was very heavy.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Dalang se munó, timbow deng yem kkayen du yó kem ngom ken nù bè yó, ominen yó hemganag munó yem sómól ken bè yó gunu le mken.When she has cleared away the dishes, then she slowly sweeps the crumbs of food from where they ate.-en-.Timbow deng deng yem kken le, ominen hen-ganag muku yó kem huyów yem libun.When they have finished eating, then the woman very slowly clears away the dishes.This work is done slowly showing respect to the guests, so that nothing will spill on them.

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