twàvartemwà1n(Of anything or part of the body) portion seen sticking out.vTo stick out, as portion of anything or part of the, he-, ke-, -em-.Skuya kuy sulif, yó gna temwà eta kuluhen yó gna mubas.Let's have a swimming contest; the first one to stick his head up will be the loser.-en-.syngfan 1mahulahulsiwal 1iwalsufà 12varsetwànAct of mockery; derision (unpleasant or annoying), embellishment.Béem nmò twaem.Don't do (something that will cause) you derision (by adding more than necessary).Bê ye alì nmò twaen sok ye mò tulón (ufaen, uléhen).Don't embellish) when you tell a story.v/adjTo be loud, as to be noticed among others.he-.Béi alì gel hetwà kô laen móyô segbót kóm.Don't be so loud that no one wants to be around you (do things that cause others to mock).se-.cftwaw 1

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