élékvarmegélék1nSelected; chosen.Tebel le hlò éléken.They left all the selected ones.vTo select, choose.g-, h-, k-, m-.Yó kmò gel kesekteng le, mélék le yem tau mò hnok ta yem bigu kay le.What they do in their pulling each other, they choose a person to place his hand on top of the winnowing basket of food they serve.n-.Gel nélék le se mò meen le.They usually select for their seed corn.s-.adjChoosey, selective; well-chosen.Tey mélék kutónen ngà ni.This child is very selective of his meat.meg-.Megélék yehenen yó ngà me.The spouse of our child must be well-chosen (not just anyone).2nLeftovers, residue.Hlò éléken yem dù gafit ye.It's only the remains that are left for you. (It could be either the best or the remains of something.)

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