bkólvarbenkólvTo try one's best with full strength, attempt, endeavor, but unsuccessfully.Benkól le tô mali du là kô hdonen kul.They attempted to keep him (there) but he ignored them.Benkólu tô mni béléen, là kô benlayen do.I tried my best to ask him for some, but he did not give me anything.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Benkólu tô mnak du yó kem hengalafu, balù sotu ke wen bkó du.I endeavored to set my traps, but not even one of them sprang.adjUnfinished, as a field; unproductive, as a trap; unsuccessful endeavor.Nawaw yem kenlo mà dì lem Lemyan, mom bkól.What a pity about the weeding of uncle's (field) in Lemyan, it was left unfinished.cfbakag 1

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