bulungnMedicine (i.e., any allopathic agent used to prevent or to treat sickness or injury) which includes both commercial scientific medicines and herbal medicines which have curative properties; traditional Tboli medicine (its effectiveness based on the fact that the ingredients (a) symbolize the desired result, (b) are taboo for the spirit-beings who may cause the sickness or (c) are utilizing a supernatural force able to intercept another supernatural force).Tey mtud yem bulung kinì hinumu ngau botong sut ingeten.The medicine for fever I had my child drink is very effective, he perspired right away.cfbetyà 1vTo treat someone with medicine, to go to a doctor for treatment.Bulungu kóm yem bulung henyuhu.I will treat you with the medicine I have put away.g-, h-, k-, keh-, m-.Du se tau mulung.She's a person who treats people with medicine.-m-, -n-, s-.Ke mtuki, ne laen dù gutahem, wen gel blay le kóm mò bulung nawahem.If you are collecting a debt and you don't get anything, there is always something that is given to you as a token of good will (lit. medicine for the breath/emotions).cfbagang 1bulung bolosMedicine to prevent the common palm civet cat from causing the field to be unproductive. A small amount of corn is planted immediately after the burning of a rice field. This is believed to obstruct unproductivity brought about by the palm civet cat if it happens onto the burned field before the rice is planted.bulung hemseng desMedicine used to obstruct sickness, thus insuring health and success in undertakings. The agent used as medicine utilizes a supernatural force by symbolizing the result desired. Symbolization is used whenever the outcome is not predictable or wherever risk is involved. If the medicine is to be effective, it is important that the right symbolization be used, that the desired results be verbalized and that the user keep any taboos in connection with it. If the medicine is not effective, it is believed that some taboo has been overlooked.bulung henok halayMedicine to enhance rice growth.bulung hkó desMedicine to cure sickness, i.e., any agent that uses symbolization to utilize a supernatural force to cure a sickness. The symbolization will depend upon what the sickness is, and there seems to be no limit as to what can be used.bulung ketelMedicine for all kinds of skin irritations, infection, generic.bulung là tabagMedicine so a person's soul will not leave, i.e., any agent used to keep the soul from wandering, putting it in danger of being caught by spirit-beings. It is expected that even a newborn's soul wanders in dreams, hence many precautions are taken to make sure it is satisfied with its own family so that it will want to return home. One such means is by giving it the knife used to cut the umbilical cord. The ritual of carrying a newborn all around the pole ladder of the house is another way of making sure the soul can find its way home when it wanders.bulung là tawanMedicine so that a person will not be affected (by a supernatural force), i.e., the agent used to prevent a supernatural force being used by one individual from affecting another person who comes in proximity to it. A person using any medicine will always touch others with whom he has had contact with the tip of his finger which has some saliva on it. This is considered medicine to keep them from getting sick from the supernatural force he is using.bulung nawaA token of good will to pacify temporarily; anything you do to get your mind off your problems.bulung snebetMedicine used to intercept (spirit-beings), i.e, any agent used to force spirit-beings to keep their distance, thus preventing sickness. The ingredients used for this medicine are considered to be inherited taboos for all spirits, hence they dare not come near it. The medicine is made into a necklace, a bracelet or a little pocket and worn by the child.bulung swaA charm used to make bartering easy.bulung wekMedicine to enhance/enrich hair growth.

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