uni1nSound, noise, generic.Uni tuged gu leged, uni lumak gu debwak.There's a sound of a walking stick coming from upstream; the sound of a scabbard coming from downstream.cfknol 1Appendix 19 SoundsvTo make a sound, noise.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Dê se kul nuni sok le hligal, lumun heglung, lewu féten.They make many sounds (play instruments) when they're happy, like the two-stringed lute.s-, sems-, sens-.cfandal 1uni senosThe sound of something going very fast, whizzing by.2conjAs soon as...that is when.Unin gel monol yem ofi, uni le mò bulung bolosen.As soon as the fire has died down, that is when they always plant the early corn as civet medicine..

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